Handbook for Comprehensive LGV Training: wonder guide for Truck Drivers across the UK

If you are a new truck driver or a veteran one who has a long break in the career due to any reasons, entering the world of LGV training can be challenging. Many of the drivers do not have the time to undergo exclusive training at physical locations. But, the best part is that you can get an informative up to date guidance for LGV/HGV training and coaching with an accessible, interesting and informative handbook.

The handbook will provide a comprehensive information different aspects o LGV driving right from pre employment examination set and reviews. Readers can get a clear and uncomplicated review of the continuously changing rules that one is expected to abide. The book also provides step by step guidance to coupling and vehicle checks, loading, unloading, using of Digi-cards, and digital tachographs.

You are also given a complete outline of the various types of trucks, gearboxes, loading equipment, and optional technology available. Besides this, useful multi scenario first aid devices are also written. The book has got 25 chapters written in an easy to understand manner. The handbook is particularly reliable as it the content has been formulated by a person with more than 18 years of first-hand experience in LGV 1 driving across the UK. There are pictorial articulations for illustrating various procedures.  The translation occurs swiftly for different categories of vehicles including LGV class 1(C+E), 2 (C), 3(C1), and also PSVs. The book has been written keeping in mind the wisdom of the proverb,” forewarned is forearmed”.

Truckers now have to chance to make keep their hard won license from any harm. The comprehensive user-friendly guide is set to make a difference in the careers of LGV drivers by providing the genuine understanding of the basic information. The efficacy of the book is so clear that it had been rated as the Editor’s choice of the month in June 2016 in the best selling truck magazine, Truck & Driver. You can access the book easily from visiting the website at LGV HGV essential. Get the best possible LGV training without wasting your valuable time and money with this comprehensive guide by a veteran driver with exclusive experience.