HGV Driver Training Course

Comprehensive and Accessible Review of all Safety Regulation for Truckers

New truck drivers often find themselves facing odd situations where they unknowingly end compromise on the rules. Thus, they face a risk to their own safety as well as the safety of the other people. Needless to mention, unintended errors have resulted in driver’s losing their hard-won licenses. To save truckers from such a situation, a highly experienced driver LGV class 1 in London, Malcolm Green has come up a ready handbook of rules for truckers. The book has been named Essential New Truckers’ handbook. As the name suggests, the HGV driver training course book contains relevant information of safe working practices and the requirements of law for LGV/HGV drivers.

Malcolm is veteran LGV driver and during his career of 18 years of driving on the roads, he has seen truckers struggling, making mistakes and even suffering accidents. This is what persuaded Malcolm to write a comprehensive handbook that could readily give information about handling loads and meeting safety requirements. It is often seen that new drivers just find themselves at odd ends when they are not aware of how to handle large loads their trucks. Their assignments require them to carry out tasks safely and in a timely manner.  But due to lack of knowledge and complete training, instead of accomplishing the required tasks, situations turn sour on the road. The handbook by Malcolm acts as the missing link between the driver’s test and their employment. It includes 25 chapters covering all that needed to be responsible LGV /HGV driver while complying with safety requirements and regulations.

             A Handbook Useful for both New and Veteran Truckers

The book is packed with useful information packed in an easily understandable form. You have pictorial representations wherever they are needed to fully explain details of handling loads and tackling issues in a safe way. The Essentials New Truckers’ Handbook 1 offers a comprehensive HGV driver training course. The book is helpful to

  • Have an access to the user’s guide to a digi-tacograph.
  • A comprehensive coverage of pre-employment Q&As.
  • Set up of refrigerated trailers
  • Operate taut liners trailers
  • Know about the working time regulations
  • Review the driver’s hour rules
  • Learn handling of securing loads safely
  • Get a review on various types of gearboxes
  • Get a review the various coupling procedures

The book has been received with greeted with a welcome by the truckers’ community across Europe. It has been reviewed as the Editor’s choice in London’s most popular truck magazine, Truck & Driver, in June 2016 edition.

The book is designed to give information in an accessible way. It will help the readers to get an overview of the technology expected to be used day-by-day. You will get a clear and simple review of the ever-changing rules and regulations that truckers need to abide by. You will also be acquainted with an outline of the various kinds of trucks loading equipment, gear boxes and the optional technology available. Truckers have also been provided with useful advice on multi-scenario first-aid.

Make your Driving safe and happy one by grabbing your copy of HGV Driver Training Course handbook by Malcolm Green today!