Top 4 Reason to Become an LGV Driver

Whether you are thinking about a career change or love life on the road and want a high-paying job, becoming an LGV, Large Goods Vehicle, driver can be a rewarding and enjoyable career for you. Furthermore, this exciting line of work can give great job satisfaction, flexible hours, guaranteed employment and most of all total freedom at work. Not to mention the fact that, there is no shortage of work either, as currently in the UK there is a shortage of qualified drivers, and so you can almost pick and choose which job in the industry you’d like. Besides, You can find numerous trucking books and LGV Driver schools that can help you in becoming a professional driver.


In addition, once you have had sufficient experience as an LGV driver, there are opportunities in the industry for you to advance your career in the LGV industry. Read on to find out four reasons to become an LGV driver.

  1. Easy training and license requirements- When it comes to becoming an LGV driver, the training and licensing requirements are relatively low and can be achieved rather quickly.


  1. 2. Flexibility-Without a doubt, a crucial reason to consider a position as an LGV driver is the flexibility involved. Furthermore, drivers who prefer the open road can apply for long distance positions that involve travel throughout the UK or even abroad. On the other hand, those who prefer to remain close to their house can opt for positions that offer regional or local hauling.


  1. Job security– One of the major benefits of becoming an LGV driver is the job security. Besides, as long as there are goods to consume, there will be a need to deliver those goods and truck drivers ensure that delivery.


  1. Money- Another major reason to become an LGV driver is the higher salary. Besides, compared to other entry-level jobs and how long it takes to increase your pay, trucking jobs can’t be matched.


While these were some of the reasons to become an LGV driver, there are many others, such as travel, solitude, medical/dental insurance, retirement options among many others. Besides, you can find a plethora of trucking books and LGV driving schools that can help you in becoming a professional driver. However, if you want to learn more about becoming an LGV driver or are looking to become a professional truck driver, make sure you visit LGV HGV Essential. They offer a broad range of blogs and articles on LGV driving. In addition, you can also buy their informative and up-to-date guide to truck and coach driving that will provide you all the information you need for becoming a professional truck driver. You can visit their website at




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